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The Ailaa Compromise Assessment

Recognize compromises and act in a targeted manner to avoid damage with quick countermeasures.

How does a Compromise Assessment work?

In a Compromise Assessment, systems are analysed by means of automated scans. The results are checked by qualified and certified cyber security consultants. If the results are positive, the system can be examined forensically. At the end of a Compromise Assessment, clients receive a detailed report on the identified compromises and their impact, as well as recommendations for remediation and improvement of the security situation.

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A Compromise Assessment is based on your individual needs and the scope of the system environment to be audited. A basic check starts at about 2 days.from €2,500

Why is Compromise Assessment beneficial?

A Compromise Assessment or Breach Assessment is used to proactively detect compromised systems or networks. A Compromise Assessment looks out for signs of suspicious activity, unknown or existing threats, malware or data loss. The goal of a Compromise Assessment is to detect potential compromises before they lead to major security incidents.

Included in the service are

  • Review of the systems depending on the selected option: - Basic - 100 systems - Advanced - 250 systems - Enterprise - 500 systems - Enterprise Plus - on request
  • Optional: Security Incident Response Preparation
  • Optional: Security Incident Response
  • Optional: Security Operation Center (SOC)
  • Optional: Security Assessment

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