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Ailaa is the Cyber Security platform of OEDIV and the Oetker Group
Ailaa is a cooperation between OEDIV and Oetker Digital and is already being used successfully by many companies in the Oetker Group.

Our free services Security Check, Dashboard and Recommendations

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The Security Check

Evaluate your company's IT security using our questionnaire. You will receive free evaluations from us, with risks and recommendations for measures.

Your Dashboard

The results of your security check at a glance: Status of your security in various IT categories, their overall result, overview of the risks in the risk matrix and some key figures.

The Risks

Based on your assessments, risks are automatically identified, each with probability and possible extent of damage.

Our Recommendations

For each risk, Ailaa gives you recommendations for action. Some of the recommended measures and services can be booked directly with Ailaa if you wish.

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