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The Ailaa Security Scanning

Identify, prioritize, and efficiently remediate security gaps through continuous monitoring.

How does the Security Scanning work?

The Ailaa team scans a network and identifies systems and services running there. After detection, these systems and services are checked for known security vulnerabilities. The software uses signatures, patterns or behavioural analysis to identify vulnerabilities. After identification, the results are prioritised and reports are provided to administrators. Administrators can then take appropriate action to fix or secure the detected vulnerabilities.

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Why is the Security Scanning useful?

Security scanning identifies and prioritises security vulnerabilities so that they can be addressed efficiently. Continuous monitoring minimises the attack surface and reduces the risk of data leaks or system failures. Timely detection of vulnerabilities can facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements and standards. Scan results provide a sound basis for security budgets and resource planning. Finally, a proactive approach to security increases customer and stakeholder confidence in the corporate infrastructure. Regular scan units additionally uncover infrastructure design flaws and highlight recommendations for remediation.

Included in the service are

  • Discovery Scanning
  • Full vulnerability scan (Un/authenticated, Agent Scanning)
  • Detailed overview of vulnerabilities in 25 remediation steps
  • Alerting on particularly critical vulnerabilities
  • Optional: Establishment of a dedicated scanning environment
  • Optional: Consulting services in vulnerability management
  • Optional: External view of vulnerabilities on public systems

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