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The Ailaa Security Policy Check

Over time, guidelines and processes become outdated. Our service brings you back up to date.

How does a Security Policy Check work?

During the Security Policy Check, we analyze your existing policies and compare them with current regulations and best practices. We identify possible weaknesses and give you recommendations for improvement and implementation. In this way, we support you in ensuring compliance and bringing your policies up to date.

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The Security Policy Check is based on your individual needs. A basic check starts at about 1 day.from €1,250

Why is a Security Policy Check beneficial?

The Service Policy Check uses various best practices according to international norms and standards. Through our qualified and certified experts, these best practices can be applied to policies, work instructions or processes. A policy check strengthens security standards, ensures compliance and increases confidence in information security.

Included in the service are

  • Analysis of existing policies
  • Comparison with regulations and best practices
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Implementation of identified points
  • Optional: Security Assessment
  • Optional: Phishing Simulation
  • Optional: Security Awareness

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