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The Ailaa Security Incident Response

We help you get back to normal after an IT security incident.

How does the Security Incident Response service work?

Following a security incident, a largely standardised process is started in several steps consisting of detection, analysis, escalation, containment, recovery and assessment. The incident response team analyses the security incident, takes measures to minimise the impact and works with you to restore the affected service. For this purpose, you get direct contact with our experts.

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Managing your cyber threat depends on your individual needs. Our support starts from about 1 day.from €1,250

Why is Security Incident Response beneficial?

The team behind Ailaa is there to help you around the clock in the event of a security incident. It is important to react quickly to security incidents in order to minimize the impact and keep damage to a minimum. A well-organized incident response team can help eliminate incidents faster and limit damages.

Included in the service are

  • 24/7 support – you call, we take action
  • Certified and experienced professionals who assist, advise, analyze and coordinate in handling security incidents
  • Quick response time, guaranteed and dedicated resources in case of emergencies
  • Meaningful reporting that is both technically and management friendly.
  • Optional: Forensic Analysis
  • Optional: Incident Response Readiness Workshop
  • Optional: Security Assessment
  • Optional: Security Awareness
  • Optional: Phishing Simulation

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