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The Ailaa Phishing Simulation

To protect your company from phishing attacks and viruses, review and train the human vulnerability.

How does a Phishing Simulation work?

The Ailaa team sends your employees real-looking emails from well-known companies, under different senders. In these emails, they are asked to follow a link and enter login information such as username and password. If an employee were to follow these instructions, an attack would have been successful in an emergency. In the simulation, the login information is not passed on. After completing the simulation, you will receive a detailed report on which employees have not yet been sufficiently trained on the topic.

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1 simulated phishing attack with a standard template and result report.


Why is a Phishing Simulation useful?

With a phishing simulation, you help your company and your employees to recognize phishing mails and to act correctly in an emergency. Real phishing mails are the first step in most hacker attacks and have a correspondingly high risk potential.

Included in the service are

  • Selection of templates from a large portfolio
  • Sending of e-mails and monitoring
  • Detailed reporting
  • Anonymized mode on request
  • Optional: Reporting between the individual phishing simulations
  • Optional: Individual creation of a template of a public website
  • Optional: Booking of a specific domain

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