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Microsoft 365 Security Review

Review the security posture of your Microsoft 365 environment and identify any vulnerabilities.

How does the M365 Review work?

The Security Review is a technical review of your Microsoft 365 environment. The focus is on checking the currently configured security measures for access to your Microsoft 365 services and identifying any existing vulnerabilities and potential for improvement. You will then receive an overview with recommendations for action that you can use to remedy any identified vulnerabilities on your own. If you wish, we will also support you in the implementation.

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Why is the M365 Review useful?

Microsoft 365 is a cloud service and thus easy to use worldwide via the internet. However, access should be appropriately secured and limited to trusted users and devices. Keeping an eye on this protection and any vulnerabilities that may arise is not that easy. Especially since innovations are implemented very dynamically by the manufacturer. In our security check, we uncover these vulnerabilities.

Included in the service are

  • Carrying out the technical inspection
  • Review of the results and assessment
  • Brief presentation of the safety measures
  • Preparation of an overview with recommendations for action
  • Optional: Verification of the M365 Tenant base configuration against our BluePrint
  • Optional: Testing of device hardening measures based on Microsoft Intune
  • Optional: Implementation of an endpoint protection solution based on Defender for Endpoints

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