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Ailaa Security Incident Preparation

We help you to prepare for security incidents so that you can react correctly and appropriately in an emergency.

How does the Security Incident Preparation service work?

Ailaa’s team supports you in the development and implementation of Incident Response Plans. First, the initial situation is evaluated. Based on this, processes and procedures are defined and roles and responsibilities are assigned. Subsequent training and exercises are conducted to ensure that the company is well prepared to respond correctly and appropriately to security incidents in the future.

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To prepare you for security incidents, we require a minimum of 3 days of workshop and 1 day of preparation and wrap-up.from €5,000

Why is a Security Incident Preparation beneficial?

The better prepared a company and its employees are, the higher the probability that no or only minor damage will occur in the event of an attack. By defining roles and responsibilities and providing appropriate training, the defined processes are firmly integrated into the company.

Included in the service are

  • Workshops with responsible individuals from different departments
  • Provision of simple and understandable instructions for various possible scenarios
  • Creation of an incident response policy for your company
  • Provision of templates for documenting security incidents
  • Optional: Security Operation Center
  • Optional: Incident Response Service
  • Optional: Penetration Testing

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