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The Ailaa Security Awareness Training

Help your employees protect themselves by raising awareness of cyber attacks.

How does the Security Awareness service work?

To improve security awareness, we offer you customised training for individual scenarios. Before the training, we determine the scope and content with you. The training is then carried out within a predefined period of time. By means of an authentication of the employees, you can check whether all trainings have been completed as desired; the evaluation of this is summarised in a report.

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The training of your employees is based on your individual needs. Basic training starts at about 2 days.from €2,500

Why is Security Awareness beneficial?

Your company’s IT security depends largely on your employees’ awareness of cyber attacks, how to recognise them and how to protect themselves against them. Awareness training sensitises employees to security issues and problems and informs them about potential dangers in the workplace. This enables them to behave correctly and avoid security risks. Additional content can also be used via the learning management platform if required.

Included in the service are

  • Brief analysis of the security awareness status of your company
  • Determination of the type and scope of training
  • Implementation of the Security Awareness Training
  • Reporting that makes the results of the Security Awareness Training visible and measurable
  • Optional: Phishing Simulation
  • Optional: Security Assessment
  • Optional: Vulnerability Scanning

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